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Current AIM Campaigns

In 2011, AIM leaders voted to take on the two problem areas that normally divide our county and instead use those issues to help unite us.


AIM leaders pledged to tackle these issue head on by organizing in 2011 on:

1) EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT.  Ensure that our investment in development yields a fair return, a return that decreases the income divide & builds one county. Not just jobs but jobs with salaries that allow a person to afford to live in the county where they work. Affordable housing is vital but enough affordable housing to begin to address the real need in the county. 

Join the Equitable Development Team

2) UNIVERSAL HIGHER EDUCATION & MD DREAM ACT.  Ensure that all county youth regardless of race, immigration status or income have access to higher education.  


MARYLAND DREAM LAW:  Maryland joins eleven other states in ensuring that all of our talented youth, regardless of their immigration status, can pay in-state tuition rates at local community colleges and state Universities.

On May 24, 2011, Connecticut became the 12th state to pass an in-state tuition law! 
Nationally in 2011, there were only two states that passed In-State Tuition bills, Maryland and Connecticut.  In both states IAF affiliates took a major role in building multi-racial support for the bills and gave Senators and Delegates the maneuvering room they needed to vote with their conscience in favor of the them.

Yet, there is work to be done! There are some who are working to undo the MD DREAM Law.   AIM Clergy and lay leaders are working to get out the word in Maryland about the importance of this new law.

Join the AIM Dream Team in getting out the word about this new law

I want to organize a MD Dream Law Workshop at my institution